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Kristen Bell is a self-confessed monogamist and for this she gives all her energy and passion for just a single lucky man, who is now on your screens and having the best time of his fucking life. From torrid kissing to eating each other up, Bell is one wild sex doll as she bends over and take that cock the roughest she could handle it and then mounts her man’s shaft like some sleazy pro slut trying to get more tips from her master. And she always makes it a point to get all that man junk on her smooth shaven pussy at the end of each naughty quickie.

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When Kristen Bell had her second child, another daughter, she gained weight just like most of the mothers who just popped a kid out to the world and ate for two for 9 months. Although she finds it cool to have her tits tripled their size because of the milk inside them now, she admits to having been a bit depressed, probably the cause of the thing they call postpartum blues. But her husband, being the loving and supportive partner who even agreed to go on couples’ therapy with her, has an idea on how his wife could get past this trying time and Bell adored him even more because of it. The quick fix? Give Kristen her fantasy rolled into one hot scenario in the comfort of their own home. Before Bell married her hubby, she confessed to craving for big black cocks and getting fucked by them but never had a chance to try even at least one massive BBC to taste and enjoy.

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So while her husband went from being the supportive and loving partner to a genie who she rubbed in the right way to grant her her wishes, Bell was ecstatic to find out about meeting these three black jocks at home who are the key in making her feel good about herself again. Stroking their dicks from inside those pants made her so wet right away. It never felt the way she imagined it because she says it was so much better. Feeling the cocks grow inside her hands and made these guys moan each time she gives them a squeeze, she simply lost it. And the bonus part was her husband is the reason for all that’s happening and he is watching behind the camera too. Ain’t this the sweetest couple? Bell looks like a lil girl with all the chocolates and toys surrounding her. If only she has three hands, she might have grabbed all three black dicks and jerked them off all at once. But she enjoyed getting banged by one of them as she licks and sucks on the other two. She was so high with pleasure that she thought she’d die with these cocks still inside her! She was drippin’ wet, creamed hard by these horny BBCs and she doesn’t want it to stop. But they were all fired up and she got all their spunk on her blushing face.

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